congresos médicos y eventos de interés sanitario
medical congresses and events of sanitary interest
wednesday, 16 de January de 2019


specialty events updated RSS
Allergology 1 event 30-07-2018 RSS Allergology events
Cardiology 2 events 18-12-2018 RSS Cardiology events
Dermatology 1 event 30-10-2018 RSS Dermatology events
Endocrinology and Nutrition 4 events 07-01-2019 RSS Endocrinology and Nutrition events
Family Medicine 15 events 21-12-2018 RSS Family Medicine events
Hematology and Hemoterapia 1 event 13-04-2018 RSS Hematology and Hemoterapia events
Inmunology 1 event 20-12-2018 RSS Inmunology events
Intensive Medicine 1 event 25-10-2018 RSS Intensive Medicine events
Internal Medicine 1 event 17-11-2018 RSS Internal Medicine events
Medical Oncology 5 events 18-12-2018 RSS Medical Oncology events
Nefrology 1 event 18-12-2018 RSS Nefrology events
Neumology 2 events 25-10-2018 RSS Neumology events
Neurological Surgery 1 event 18-12-2018 RSS Neurological Surgery events
Neurology 3 events 18-12-2018 RSS Neurology events
Obstetrics and Gynecology 5 events 07-01-2019 RSS Obstetrics and Gynecology events
Ophthalmology 1 event 22-06-2018 RSS Ophthalmology events
Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery 1 event 18-12-2018 RSS Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery events
Orthopaedic Surgery 2 events 22-11-2018 RSS Orthopaedic Surgery events
Plastic Surgery 2 events 04-11-2018 RSS Plastic Surgery events
Psychiatry 2 events 27-10-2018 RSS Psychiatry events
Radiation Oncology 3 events 18-12-2018 RSS Radiation Oncology events
Radiology 3 events 18-12-2018 RSS Radiology events
Reumatology 1 event 18-12-2018 RSS Reumatology events
Thoracic Surgery 1 event 25-10-2018 RSS Thoracic Surgery events
Urology 2 events 18-12-2018 RSS Urology events

¿What id RSS?

RSS is the acronym of Really Simple Syndication (Rich Site Summary for others authors). It is a document format Web based on the standard XML that allows to share contents with any user who selects it.

Advantages for the user

its use is completely anonymous, does not have to facilitate no data to the publisher of the Web.

everyone chooses the channels individually to that it subscribes; in the case of medical congresses each user selects to the specialty or specialties to which he chooses to subscribe.

in order to find out the new features it does not need to visit the Web again, the RSS are updated automatically when there is change in the contents of the channel.

the user can access voluntarily to the contents of channel RSS, when some of the new features deserves their interest.

finally, the one is the user that decides when to break contact itself with the update of contents; in our case when a user lets be interested in the congresses of a certain specialty, simply it eliminates the channel of his reader and automatically it lets receive the new features.

Have I to install something in my computer?

normally, no. The modern versions of the main navigators and clients of mail allow the channel subscription RSS without installing complements.

How I use it?

simply, it presses with the cursor of the mouse on the icon icono RSS  of the specialty of its interest. Later it follows the instructions of its client RSS (navigator, generally), this is everything.
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